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Ludovice Ensemble is a Portuguese early music group, based in Lisbon, that focuses on the research and historical performance of Baroque chamber music on original instruments. Fernando Miguel Jalôto and Joana Amorim created the Ludovice Ensemble in 2005 and it has since become a reference point in the Portuguese Early Music scene.

The Ludovice Ensemble is known for the high quality of its performances, the coherence of its artistic projects, and the novelty of its programs and proposals, which combine creativity, a passionate approach to the repertoire, and a historically informed interpretation. The ensemble’s performances are inflamed by a Mediterranean sense of drama and rhetorical delivery appropriate to the Baroque cultural inheritance they revive. The repertoire is mainly composed of French and German 17th and 18th century works, with Portuguese, Italian and English Baroque repertoire often featuring as well.

The group's name pays homage to the German architect and goldsmith Johann Friedrich Ludwig (1673-1752) – known in Portugal as João Frederico Ludovice. Ludwig worked both in his native Swabia and in Italy before coming to Lisbon, where he worked for King John V of Portugal. It was there that he planned his masterpiece, the National Palace-Convent of Mafra – Portugal’s main Baroque monument, immortalized in José Saramago's novel "Baltasar and Blimunda". His architectural works are strongly defined by their dynamic, imaginative and eclectic qualities, combining a variety of influences and styles. Ludwig left a powerful mark on Portuguese Baroque art and he remains a permanent source of inspiration and a strong reference for the Ludovice Ensemble.

The group gathers some of the best Portuguese performers - all specialized in historical performance practice - in collaboration with foreign artists of exceptional quality, not just musicians, but also actors, dancers and mimes. In Portugal Ludovice Ensemble has performed at several important venues (like Gulbenkian Foundation, CCB and Casa da Música) and international music festivals, but it also often performs in Spain (Early Music Festivals of Vitoria, San lorenzo del Escorial, Daroca, Peñíscola, Jaca and Lugo); Belgium (AMUZ in Antwerp); Holland (Oude Muziek Festival in Utrecht); France (La Chaise-Dieu and Vivarais-Lignon Festivals) and Czech Republic (Summer Festivities of Early Music in Prague).

Ludovice Ensemble has been recorded live on the Portuguese Broadcast Company RDP/Antena 2, the German Deutschlandfunk, the National Czech Radio (CRo) and the French Television Channel MEZZO. Ludovice Ensemble's first CD came out in 2012, with an exquisite selection of French Baroque Cantatas recorded for the French-Belgium company Ramée/Outhere, and received a warm welcome from the general public and the specialized press, being nominated to the ICMA (International Classical Music Awards) in 2013. 




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